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A wide range of fully customized packaging appropriate to your own design ethos and marketing purpose are provided. Multiple choices are available which meet different criteria’s requirements.

Bulk package—simple and small, save shipping freight

Black box-Stylish and Cool.
Perfect color for a professional looking gift.The“ Simple Black Dress “of package

Paper Gift box—Full color printing meet customer’s demands.
Technically and pleasing boxes are available for that store bough look 

Metal Box—Executive looking with different size
Superior quality tins that are complete the beauty of our products. Each Tin are available for customization.

Plastic and Blister—Retail and Promotion both fitted
It can be standard blister or creative box as customer want.

Pouch-Sexy feel and personalized
Each product seems very unique

We make your ideas to package


Accessories and value added package solutions.

Lanyard1 Color imprinting or sewing logo
Three different style lanyard is available from our category.
Our durable nylon lanyards are available in red, blue, white and
Black or other customer as customer want. For maximum branding add a 1 color imprint or sewed that repeats. across the length of the neck strap. The size and color can be different. Brand enhance zipper lanyard with customer logo PVC tag will be the best component comes with your brand products. Good item for accessories or just make it as single product.

Key ring –-Upgrade Attachment
Our key rings are made from a sturdy, heavy-grade metal
designed to withstand everyday wear and tear. Different style key rings are available to pick ( Not limited to below style)  

Custom insert – Upgrade Insert
Need to provide additional information with your USB drive or a special message to your clients? Send us your artwork or let us design a custom insert for you. You’ll have everything you need packaged neatly in our standard vinyl pouch or any of our upgrade packaging options.
Dimensions: Name card size or any size as your customer want
Print area: as big as the card size


We do what ever we can to bright your idea and your brand.

We create the product and also package proposal to help you close deal with your customer. Strong experience and design back ground allow us to give any possible way to solve your problem.  Send your demand to, you will have your own package in 24 hours.


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